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Writing a Research Paper About an Author

Thursday, Aug. 12th 2010

A research paper is an academic writing necessary of a student at the end of a term, offering an extensive study and an analysis on the selected topic. In writing a research paper about an author you need to consider them with a mix of impartiality and bias.

Your research paper about an author may range from fiction writers to non-fiction, from horror to comedy writers, and other broad categories of writings. Some examples may include Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemmingway and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Following is a list of pointers that will help you in writing a great research paper about an author.

As with other similar writings, you should start your research paper about an author with an extract or simply an astounding statement about the writer. This engages the audience and compels them to read more about that author. This structure of writing adheres to the typical essay format that is the introduction, body and the conclusion.

You should start your research paper about an author by giving a small introduction of your chosen writer. It is best if you select your favorite author because you already have sufficient information and will be naturally inclined towards researching more on the topic. This is just the introduction so you develop a thesis statement, which may include explanations on the author’s upbringing, their adolescence and youth; and brief about their major writings and achievements; basically why they are famous.

Following the introduction and devising a thesis statement, you need to focus your body paragraph in explaining the characteristics of your favored author in light of the thesis statement. This is where you will describe in detail the accomplishments of your writer throughout their lives; focusing on how they achieved them. Why they are different from the other personalities in their discipline. You could analyze or critique some of their major works. Your research paper could be about various traits and qualities that your author had that contributed towards their success; and was this naturally gifted or was due to the background or up-bringing. In the end you could state comments and remarks made by other authors and writers about your preferred author.

In the conclusion of your research paper you should explain why you like this author and how in any way, they have affected your life. Be careful to remember that it is unprofessional to address your subject with their first name and therefore must use their last names throughout your research paper. You can add a picture to really enhance your research paper.

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