Writing a Research Paper about a Famous Person

06/08/10 11:39 AM

A research paper is a scholarly paper that is required of a student in an academic term, providing a comprehensive study of an author’s research or findings. You may also offer your own analysis and research on the selected topic. In writing a research paper about a famous person you need to study the person with a blend of objectivity and subjectivity.

Your research paper about a famous person can range from a political leader to a sports person or from a business entrepreneur to a revolutionist. Some examples include Nelson Mandela, Michael Jordon, Bill Gates and Che Guevara. Here is a guideline that you should follow that will help you write a solid research paper about a famous person.

Normally you should start your research paper about a famous person with a quote or simply stating a startling fact about that person. This is particularly important as it grabs the reader’s attention and persuades the reader to read more. This form of writing follows the typical essay structure that is the introduction, body and the conclusion.

To embark on your research paper about a famous person you should begin your introduction by giving a brief account about your preferred famous person. Obviously it is best if the chosen person is your favorite personality, as you automatically have more information and will be motivated to research more on the subject. You should start of by giving a brief bio-data about the person and tell the readers why he or she is famous. You should briefly state their background, their childhood; and list their accomplishments and what they are primarily known for.

Now comes the main body paragraph of your research paper about a famous person. This is where you will describe the journey of your chosen personality. You will express in detail how he/she achieved on his/her endeavors. It will impress your examiner if you research on the up-bringing of your personality and assess its contribution towards their later successes. This is best achieved if you focus on at least ten most important dates about your chosen personality. The body paragraph critically analyzes the characteristics and traits that made the subject a famous person and how and why and what has he or she done that differentiates them from other people in their field. You should explain how they view the world and have impacted or shape the contemporary world. You could include the opinions and remarks by other famous public figures about your selected person.

In the conclusion of your research paper you should explain why you like this person and how in any way, he/she has affected your life. Be careful to remember that it is amateur to address your subject with their first name and therefore must use their last names throughout your research paper. You can add picture to really enhance your research paper.

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