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Writing a Paper About Simulated Hearing Loss

Saturday, Feb. 19th 2011

Nearly all academic institutes require students to submit a paper at the end of the term. This end of term paper carries significant weight and can make or break your course grade. Writing a paper about simulated hearing loss is one of the many topics that could have been assigned to you.

Keep in mind that a college research paper requires some form of research, findings or even experimentation. Gone are the days where we could write descriptive essays and be done with it. At your level students are required to increase their efforts when writing a term paper. Writing a paper about simulated hearing loss is a topic that needs to be addressed in a similar manner.

This topic belongs in the science and technical genre which is probably for a particular course. Before we discuss how to go about writing a paper about stimulated hearing, we need to first understand what it is and what its purpose is.

Simulated hearing loss is an artificial state of deafness created on a human that is otherwise able to hear properly. It is created using help from acoustic devices and technical equipment. You can conduct your own experiment on yourself or on a group of volunteers to create simulated hearing loss. This can be a good learning experience as you can put your knowledge on science and acoustics to good use.

Furthermore, in writing a paper about stimulated hearing loss, you can attempt to critique and analyze an existing scientist’s research regarding simulated hearing loss. Try and find improvements and discrepancies in the work.

But why would someone want to experience deafness? There are a number of answers to this and it is necessary to understand each aspect while writing a paper about simulated hearing loss. For starters, it is a way of respecting and remembering those who suffer hearing difficulties. In fact the International Day of the Deaf held on the 26th of September is a direct celebration of such individuals all over the world.

Additionally, some consumer goods companies may want to understand how those with hearing impairment function to create better products and services for them which will eventually improve the quality of life. This is commonly seen in the electronic goods department such as various communication devices. It gives researchers insight into how the mind and body of a deaf person works. This way they can create some sort of solution to improve their quality of life.

Therefore you can take a number of approaches when writing a term paper about simulated hearing loss. Just be sure to give it some element of research such as interviews or surveys.

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