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Write a Reality Therapy Term Paper

Friday, Oct. 22nd 2010

You should consider yourself lucky if you have been assigned the task to write a reality therapy term paper by your course professor. This topic is quite informative and educational for not just you, but all those who read it as well. Therefore make sure you write a reality therapy term paper with all your heart.

Keep in mind that to write a reality therapy term paper you will need to read up and research on the topic comprehensively. This is because this topic has its origins from the field of psychology and hence requires a firm understanding on key concepts and theories.

To write a reality therapy term paper you need to understand what reality therapy actually is. This is actually an approach to counseling and psychotherapy – it was developed by a psychiatrist named Dr. William Glasser in the year 1965.

The key to this approach revolves around problem solving and creating a better future for the patient or client. It helps clients focus on their present and where they want to go in terms of their behavior and actions.

You should list the processes involved in reality therapy in order to write a reality therapy essay term paper. It starts with the client’s involvements, moves on to evaluating the current behavior, planning of the possible behavior, and sheer commitment to the plan. The final stage of the process is to stay at it and never give up.

The principles of reality therapy should be mentioned as these will serve as educational and informative points for various readers. The therapy starts with bringing forth the current behavior and actions of the client and finally their evaluation. The problems need to be highlighted without pointing fingers or being judgmental. Finally, the therapist along with the client should be able to come up with a workable action plan in order to behave and act in order to reach the desired state.

The applications of reality therapy can be seen at the classroom level of a school’s management plan. It is about giving students the necessary awakening to help them get to their destinations.

The premise that reality therapy rests on is 5 basic genetically programmed needs. These are survival, social connection, power, freedom and fun. This approach is needed if you want to write a reality therapy term paper.

One of the largest criticisms of reality therapy is that it doesn’t have a long track history; therefore its viability and implementation is uncertain.

These pointers should have gone a long way to help you in order to write a reality therapy term paper.

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