What Topics You Should Avoid in Writing a Research Paper

19/11/10 9:31 AM

A research paper is often a benchmark in one’s academic or professional career. It opens a whole realm of opportunities and comes with a sense of pride and self – accomplishment. The most important aspect of any research paper is undoubtedly its topic.

Choosing the right topic can take your research paper places, where as a misjudged topic can result in distress and cause you your valuable grade. If you are looking for what topics you should avoid in writing a research paper, then we suggest you read on.

There are a lot of factors, which decide for a good or a bad topic. You must first of all, understand the assignment, consigned by your instructor, only this can help you deduce the perspective field and dig out a topic that you can do justice to.

The first and foremost advice, any instructor will give you, is to go for a topic that interests you. If you do pick, a field of your interest, it will help in more than a single way. You will give your fill attention to the topic, show determination within and above all, actually have a good time penning down your research paper.

Many students do select a field of interest but have difficulty finding the right topic if not already assigned by the instructor. To find the right topic, you can browse through the internet, newspapers or even visit a local library, one smart move would be to narrow down your assignment, go for a niche, giving you edge over others in terms of specificity and information.

There are of course topics you should avoid in writing a research paper. To deduce such topics, keep the following points in considerations. When writing a research paper you should always analyze your audience, try not to discuss topics already been argued frequently.

Topics you should avoid in writing a research paper is that is based on religion or controversial issues dealing with the matters of state or any important figure of the society. Avoid talking about issues like Euthanasia, abortion, capital punishment, religious extremism, death penalty, gay marriage etc.

A safe play would be to opt for current science or technology based research papers, these allow you a vast domain of investigation, where you can easily propose theories, opinions, assumptions, deductions and conclusions.

Another aspect to be kept in mind when talking of topics you should avoid in writing a research paper is to work on a topic that is suited to your level of academics, if working on a PhD assignment, it must speak its echelon.

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