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What is the Proper Format for Term Paper

Thursday, Jul. 1st 2010

Proper term paper format is crucial to know in order to get good marks, because if you have done all the research but don’t know exactly what format to use, then this research becomes worthless. Term paper text with proper format, having a neat representation and deep research will surely help you to achieve good grades. To write appropriately, you must follow the proper format of a term paper.

These are indispensable to follow, because even a flawless term paper can go down the drain, if it is not written in proper format.

Below is mentioned proper format for a term paper, follow them:

1) Always use white 8 inch by 11 inch paper size and write only on one side of the paper.

2) Leave 1 inch margin from all sides of the paper (top, bottom, left and right).

3) Use font type Times New Roman in font size 12.

4) Apply double spacing in between the lines.

5) Start your term paper with title page, it should be the page # 1 having topic of the term paper in title case and should align in centre of the page. There is no need to underline title not to put it in quotation marks. Just following title, name of writer should be written which is in uppercase and lowercase letters and flush against left margin. The name of the teacher and course code come next.

6) You can number the pages from the title page, but if the instructor said, you can start page number from the page following the title page.

7) Now the abstract, it should be written on a new page, it should be precise according to the instructions of your course incharge.

8) Come towards the body of term paper, it should start from a new page. It can be further divided in to introduction, body and conclusion. It should be grammatically correct. Free from typographical errors.

9) Another important instruction is try to use active voice in your writing, avoid passive sentences as much as possible.

10) Use proper citations in the body of your term paper according to the instructed format style (MLA, APA etc.)

11) Write accurate and standard bibliography as per requirement.

12) In the end, reread the term paper for improvement as well as for the removal of any type of spelling and grammar errors.

I am sure, if you will follow proper format for a term paper, you will have incredible results in exams.

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