What Are the Different Styles in Writing a Research Paper?

19/04/11 10:16 AM

What are the different styles in writing a research paper? It helps to know the different formats and styles of writing different types of research and academic college papers. This article contains brief details about the different types of styles in writing a research paper.

Doing research for your given research topic is essential. It is important and without it you cannot hope to achieve a good grade. But along with getting information on your chosen topic it also helps to know about the various different writing styles and formats which are used in writing a research paper.

So, how is a research writing format used? A research paper format is used to focus on the various propositions of carrying out a research activity. School projects and essays always have guidelines and instructions that need to be followed appropriately. And when it comes to research writing and academic papers there are always a certain formatting technique which is required. Lets discus what are the different styles in writing a research paper.

One of the research styles is the APA style (American Psychological Association) format. This format is mainly used in writing research papers which are based on science, psychology and other subjects. The format follows with a text citation schematic which allows writers and authors to input outside information from sources which are related.

When using this format your work must be aligned with this style. The title of your subject has to be written alongside the page number on the top right corner of every page.

Another format and style that is widely used is the MLA or the Modern Language Association style. This format is used in writing academic paper on subjects such as Social sciences and Humanities. The writing format is same as the MLA; the difference is just in the pagination and instead of writing the name of the topic the name of the author has to be written beside the page number.

Then there is ASA writing format (American Sociologist Association) style. This writing style is used for sociology research papers.

Harvard writing style is another format which only standardizes citations and order of writing only. This style does not follow a specific rule or anything.

Similarly there are other citation formats like Chicago and Turabian formats. In order to know more about these formats it is suggested that you do a detailed research on all of these formats in order to know more about each format.

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