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Viral Marketing Research Paper

Tuesday, Jan. 4th 2011

Viral Marketing is a strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others. This helps create exponential growth and like viruses, this strategy takes advantage to explode the message to thousands and millions. It has also been referred to as “buzz marketing” or “word of mouth communication”. Viral marketing uses existing social networks and helps in achieving brand awareness and other marketing objectives such as product sales. Viral promotions may take the form of video clips, interactive flash games, e-books, text messages, images and brand able soft wares. Business Week describes web-based campaigns of Hotmail (1996) and The Blair Witch Project (1999) as striking examples of viral marketing.

To start your viral marketing research paper, you need to give an account of viral marketing and its history. You need to explain how this strategy operates and what mediums are used to conduct it. You need to give industry examples that have reaped the fruits of viral marketing strategy. You should specifically point out the marketers who gave birth to viral marketing and highlight their efforts rendered towards this strategy.

Next, you should discuss in depth, the six principles of viral marketing. This shall include a detailed SOP (standard operating procedures) to execute this strategy. It should also suffice with situations or circumstances that require viral marketing. Similarly, it is mandatory for you to discuss the services provided by viral marketing strategy. Then you should raise questions for the reader to assess the importance of word-of-mouth communication and understand the charisma it provides your brand with.

At this stage of your viral marketing research paper; you should highlight the methods, tools and techniques used to conduct viral marketing strategy. You should also lay emphasis on the statistics of viral marketing that will show its rapidly increasing trend. You need to define your research methodology. This shall describe the methodology used in collecting the information and why a particular method is to be used. Further, it will explain the sampling methodology that will be in use and how data will be collected using the sampling technique. The data collected shall be analyzed and presented in form of descriptive statements, figures, tables and statistical tools.

In the later stage of your viral marketing college research paper, it is necessary for you to define the scope of your primary data research. Marketing experts, brand managers, media agencies and PR consultancies should be selected for interviews. The format of the interview should also be clarified and the questions shall be prepared in accordance with research objectives.

Finally, you should write the conclusion that will illuminate marketing focus of the industry towards viral marketing. Provide bibliography of all sources of information used as per the Harvard referencing or MLA style.

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