Types of Writing Styles

25/05/16 8:21 AM

Writing does not carry just one single style but it can be scripted in many different styles including story writings, argumentative writings, essays, journals, diaries and much more.

These particular writing styles not only differentiate between the genres but it also explains a need and understanding for that writing style.

There are four main types of writing styles:

1- Expository


3- Narrative

4- Descriptive

1- Expository Writing

Illuminate and expose that means to describe something with complete details and description is known as expository writing.

This writing style includes essays, newspaper, magazine articles, Instruction manuals, and other similar text styles.

This style tends to explain a subject or a topic with complete factual and opinionated details. For example, if you are writing about a particular culture like hip-hop culture; you have to start your blog by describing the origin of that culture, leading it to a descriptive form of how, what, when, where and which way the culture is celebrated, traditionalized and understood within the society.

2- Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing also known as notification writing is a form, where a writer persuades a reader towards a certain point. Here a writer tends to force a reader to think his way.

Here a writer needs to be vigilant and smart in selecting words to persuade readers to his opinion. If the word is not too strong and meaningful for your reader, it is possible that he may lose some interest.

Persuasive writing is helpful for children and students to formulate their own opinion and subjection towards a certain point. This helps them to do reasoning and develop their own sense of understanding for things and situation around them.

Nowadays media, television and Internet sources have a very strong influence on people. Learning persuasive writing and using these mediums to explains their understanding can bring in a persuasive change within the society as well.

3- Narrative Writing

Telling a story, a convention, a memorable event or a happening and describing a plot is known as Narrative writing. This writing style is always written in the form of a first person. i.e. using ‘I’.

In this form, the writer explains the details of any happening or memorable event. This style asks the writer to cover every specific detail of what, why and how it happened and what happened next.

It is the simplest form of writing where you share your memories and experiences in detail. Here it is necessary for a writer to narrate his writing experience in a form of a story, where sensory details, feelings, and charms become essentials points to cover.

This style is executed from a particular point of view with details and supportive experiences. This style often uses dialogues and conversation storytelling tactics.

4- Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing tends to explain a person, place, experience, object or a thing in complete detail. It asks the writer to explain a scenario with complete details making it interesting for readers.

Descriptive writing is simply describing what you observe. Here you can define your reasons and opinions too. Make sure to create a vivid experience for your readers through this style of writing. Here, you have to make your readers realize the reason, sound essence, charm, and experience behind your writing. This is how you can attain the best response from your readers.


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