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Top Mistakes in Writing College Admission Essays

Saturday, Apr. 24th 2010

Future of an individual’s career depends how able he or she is in facing all the tests and trials, life puts him or her through. Some of those are really crucial; criticalness of these exams could be gauged from the fact that these actually decide any person’s upcoming life. One of such tasks is to write a college essay, which is used as requirement for getting admission in a college. Many times, fear of complexity of this task compels students to make some blunders, which later on become source of penalizing students in the end. Such ten top-of-the-list mistakes are:

1. Picking the wrong line of action – College essay is about presenting yourself in words. College admission seekers often fail to highlight those areas of their personalities, which are their true strengths.

2. Opting for complexity – A misguided suggestion, often given to students seeking admission in a college is to use as much of a vocabulary as possible in your college essay.  This mistake, along with making an essay more complex, also disarrays students from putting what readers of college essay would actually be looking for.

3. Getting impressed and avoiding to be creative – Before writing a college essay, it’s a common practice among students to read a number of sample college essays available on internet or other sources. Those sample essays are mostly written by professional writers, so ideas and caliber of language used in it are first-rate. Students, while taking the easy route, try to copy those ideas and vocabulary, by which they not only become plagiarists, but also down the value of their own college essays. Therefore, don’t get impressed by other’s write-up; so be creative and put your thoughts on paper in your own way.

4. Treating college essay wrongfully – College essay is no different to other form of essays. The format followed for other forms of essays is also applicable to college essay. Students, in their attempt to keep it short to be easily read by its busy reader, do listing or give bullets to their achievements instead of writing it in a paragraph pattern.

5. Not providing what is asked for – Although a universal purpose of any college essay is to get admission, however admission in different educational disciplines demand some individualistic approach from students applying for their respective academic programs. Student often fails to understand what he or she needs to highlight to readers, to make them perceive as most deserving candidate for admission.

6. Forgetting WHY? – In their over-cautiousness about other aspects of college essay, students often overlook the importance of explaining, why they want to join a certain educational program.

7. Improper handling of synchronization – Student, while writing a college essay, repeatedly neglects the importance of putting things in order. In other words, they fail to put their achievements in order, those were achieved.

8. Undervaluing the importance of partnership – College essay writers are found to be too ambitious in their writings sometimes. They forget to specify the possible role of college in their successes; they don’t emphasize the benefit, their academic partner i.e. college is going to deliver to them.

9. Underestimating your prior knowledge – Some students have a thought in their minds that by showing to institute that right now they are nothing and only that institute can act as a point of difference in their lives, could help them getting into the college. The reader on coming across this kind of a notion can perceive you as an all-time complaining personality.

10. Trying to be expert in knowledge of applied educational program – You take admission in a particular educational discipline, because you are currently unaware of its courses’ content. A common misperception in majority of students is that for impressing reader of your college essay, it is necessary that you talk extensively about the discipline you are applying for.

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