Tips for Writing a Strong Thesis Statement

22/07/16 1:36 PM

What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement suggests the main idea of the assignment. It helps to control the arguments and ideas within the paper. A thesis statement is not just a topic. However, it often reflects an opinion and judgment that a writer makes about an experience or topic.

A strong statement includes the following:

  • It gives direction to your paper and creates limitations regarding what you need to write. The thesis statement is a way of telling the readers about what will be
    discussed in the paper. All the paragraphs in the thesis are written in such a way that they support and argue with the thesis.
  • A strong thesis statement is not based on facts. However, you need proof in order to make it strong. The statement should be supported with evidence that interests the reader and encourage them to continue reading the paper.
  • It is often useful to mention the supporting points in your thesis. You can add a paragraph supporting the two ideas. It will help to keep all the ideas in control.

Defining your Thesis Statement

Every paper must have a central idea or a message. The argument that you make in the paper should reflect the major idea. A focused sentence that captures the position of the main idea is a thesis statement.

Length of a Thesis Statement

A well formulated thesis statement tells the main idea in one to two sentences. It reflects the topic of your paper and makes a strong comment in relation to that particular topic. The statement must tell the reader what the research paper is all about. It also helps to keep the argument focused.

Ask Question while Formulating aThesis Statement

Position of the Thesis Statement

Ideally a thesis statement must be provided in the beginning of the essay. It is given in the introduction section. However, in long essays a thesis statement in mentioned in the second paragraph. It helps to give a sense of direction to your thesis.

  • Don’t write a thesis statement late in the paper or in the middle of a certain paragraph
  • Don’t use vague words. Try to be as specific as possible
  • Avoid weird sentence structures such as “The point of this is…

Don’t make the Thesis Statement too specific

The quality of the thesis will be continuously revised as you revise the argument. It will help to put some sense into your thesis statement and you will know the direction of your argument. Thus, the thesis statement must be clear and to the point.

Don’t make the statement too General

Your thesis should be covered within the specified number of pages. Shape your topic to get to the point. Don’t just fill the pages with information. Being specific to your topic is better than writing general information. Add valuable and relatable information only that relates to your topic.

A Clear Thesis Statement

The thesis statement must be concise and it does not get any immunity because of your writing. It will help you and the readers understand exactly what they need to understand.

The Thesis Should Make a Comment about the Issue

The thesis statement is not only used to announce the topic. It is also used to reveal the position of your statement in the issue being discussed. It should also tell what position you will take to evaluate the subject.

Do not expect that you will be able to derive the final thesis statement before the completion of your paper. It will change as you develop more ideas and revise your thesis.

It is always a good idea to start with a tentative thesis and revise it over time.

Do you have an Original Thesis Statement?

Do not ever use formula statements or any generic arguments. This will make your checker or any other reader bored out of their minds. Keep revising it until the thesis begins to
reflect your real ideas.

Do not include your own words in the statement and don’t overuse quotes. Creating an original and insightful thesis will create a lasting impression. Don’t copy anything from previous work. This will make you lose your credibility.

A well-written thesis statement reflects original and creative ideas. It is a signal that the writer is committed to his work.

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