Time Management Term Paper

06/07/10 10:53 AM

Although science and technology have done best to enable man to perform tasks in less time, whether it is commuting from one place to another or calculating a mathematical problem, people have become busier by the day and there is an uncanny dearth of time. The fact remains that time is a commodity that cannot be stretched; the only thing that can be done is to manage your self according to time.

The uttermost important key to time management is to ‘remember’. It is easy to think that you can remember by merely keeping in mind, but human mind is prone to forgetting things especially when you have a lot of things to manage. If you want to manage time effectively, you must use a task-list that will be a replacement for your memory- a very reliable replacement. Making a task-list will not only relieve you from the fear of forgetting your ‘things-to-do’, but it will also give you a hand in prioritizing what needs to be done first and eventually helping you utilize your time most efficiently.

Making a to-do list involves noting down of tasks that you need to do. This can be done either manually on paper or on your mobile phone or computer. Here is how you can do this in the best fashion:

List down all the tasks that you need to do. If they are too big, break them down into small tasks that make up a big one. If you still feel that you can further split them into smaller tasks, do that. It will only make things easy for you to remember and tackle.

The next thing you need to do is to arrange your list in the order of priority. The most important should top the list (list in descending order of importance/ urgency). If you feel that a multiple number of tasks hold equal priority, use symbols to denote that. You must choose the symbol that makes you remember what it means, at once.

Making a task- list may seem to be a hassle but you’ll be amazed at how it can help you make the most productive use of time and manage you without you having to worry about it at all. This is how it happens: A task list reminds you of the things you need to tackle; it helps you manage your time and not be stressed about the accumulation of work. Lastly, it keeps you from wasting time on trivial tasks while the important ones get stacked up. In this way, task-lists are efficient time-management tools that can be used to supervise one’s time effectively.

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