Thesis Statement Writing

08/06/10 9:07 AM

Before you familiarize yourself with thesis statement writing, you need to know what the statement is in the first place. This sentence basically sums up your main objective for writing the term paper, creates a simple guide for the reader and provides the basis for your argument. All in all thesis statement writing is quite simple, as long as you keep some tips and techniques in mind.

The first thing you need to do is put together one question which is only possible if you compress the entire thesis. A great way to do this is examine the main topic and create a question out of it. It will give you a basic idea of what the statement should look like and how you should answer that question. The first sentence should introduce the topic and the objective and the next few should spell out how you plan to support your argument. Thesis statement writing, therefore, is about asking yourself the fundamental question that forms the essence of your paper.

When you are done writing the statement, step back and examine in from another point of view to determine whether it is strong or weak. A strong statement is one which sparkles with confidence and focuses on one and only one aspect of the issue. This means that you can’t be vague or off-hand about the topic. If you have selected a theme, you should be ready to stand up for it- now is not the time to be diplomatic or meek.

In addition to that, it should also spell out the basis for the discussion in a simple manner. This means that it shouldn’t only be a mere observation. It will help if you talk about your own experience and as this will add depth to the statement. That being said, the thesis statement should talk about one idea only. It doesn’t make sense to cover two or three topics in one paper as that negates the entire point of writing the thesis in the first place. In case you have to introduce a second idea, it is recommended that you do so with the help of words like ‘unless’ and ‘because’. This way, the reader will understand that while your ideas are all related they fall under one main topic only.

In conclusion, it has to be said that the thesis statement should be specific, to the point and have the ability to hold its own.

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