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The Writing Process in Doing a Research Paper

Thursday, Jan. 6th 2011

If you are a student at a school, college or university then it is more than likely that you are constantly bombarded with the task of writing research papers for nearly all your courses. Therefore it is no surprise that you will be interested in the writing process in doing a research paper.

If so, you have navigated your way to the correct portal. First we should talk about why the writing process in doing a custom research paper is so important. This is primarily because the research paper takes up a large chunk of your grade and so a poorly prepared research paper can earn you a low grade for the course.

Now let us jump to the writing process in doing a research paper. For your convenience, the process will be divided into simple, short and concise steps so that you will be able to grasp them immediately.

Step 1

Pick a topic that interests you if you have not already been assigned one. Pick one that you are familiar with and possess some knowledge before-hand. However if you have been assigned a topic, discuss it with your teacher.

Step 2

Develop a thesis statement that is relevant to the topic. A thesis statement is basically your stance or position regarding the topic and will be the central focus of the entire writing and researching process

Step 3

Conduct some research while keeping the thesis statement in mind. This is to make sure that your research directly relates to the thesis statement and you do not waste time by wavering off.

Step 4

Create an outline of the research and findings you will include in the term paper to support the thesis statement. This will create a bird’s eye view and help you plan the writing process.

Step 5

Develop the introductory paragraph that gives an overview of the topic and presents the thesis statement

Step 6

Move onto the body paragraphs that hold the bulk of your research (primary and secondary). Dedicate each point to a single paragraph to create drift between the paragraphs.

Step 7

Analyze, reason and rationalize each researched point so that it makes sense to the readers. Relate each point with the thesis statement.

Step 8

Develop a conclusion paragraph in a convincing tone that reemphasizes the thesis statement and proves how your research and analysis supports it.

Step 9

Include a thorough list of references to cite your sources

Step 10

Proof read your work before submission so it remains free of accuracy and grammatical errors.

These 10 steps should help you with the writing process in doing a research paper. Good luck.

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