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The World’s Five Best Universities


In October 2009 The Times released their list of the top University rankings. Unsurprisingly for many the University to come out on top was Harvard. Harvard achieved 100 marks for their academic peer review score, their employer review score, and their citations per faculty score. Harvard is one of the most famous and prestigious Universities in the world and has long been held in this regard. It is pleasing to see that standards, if anything, are improving.

In second place is Cambridge University in England. Again, a very famous institution, no one would be surprised to see this highly regarded University in the top five. Cambridge achieved top marks for their academic peer review score, their employer review score and their student to faculty score.

Third place goes to Yale. So many times mentioned in the same breath as Harvard, this school has upheld standards wonderfully for many years. Known all over the world as a wonderful and enriching place to learn, it deserves its place in the top five Universities in the world. Yale achieved top marks in academic peer review score, and student to faculty score and near perfect marks in employer review score.

Fourth spot is occupied by University College London. This is a real surprise given the expectation of seeing Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and of course Oxford take the top four spots. This just goes to show that relying on past glories will not stand a University in good stead, when it comes to displaying the quality of an institution by way of statistics. UCL scored top marks in student to faculty score, and received scores of over ninety for all other parameters.

Fifth spot is shared by Oxford University, and Imperial College London, both in England. Many traditionalists would argue that Oxford is and has been for many years the best University. These days, though, there are ways of measuring success and you cannot perform on reputation alone. Thanks to the paramaters of testing, we are able to separate out the best, and statistics have shown Oxford to be just behind its top three Rivals. Oxford scored 100 marks in their academic peer review score, 100 for the employer review score, 100 for student to faculty score, but let themselves down with an 80 for citations for faculty score.

Imperial College, London, can rightly be proud of their placement. To equal Oxford is no mean feat and they did it by way of top marks in no fewer than four parameters.

Who will be top in next years polls? There’s no way to tell, but one thing is for sure, Universities will have to perform to the very highest standards to threaten the strangle hold currently enjoyed by Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford.

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