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Term Paper Tips on Writing Down a Monologue

Wednesday, Feb. 16th 2011

A monologue is a long passage in a play or motion picture that is delivered or spoken by a single actor. Often students taking drama and similar courses are assigned to write a term paper on theatrical monologue. Therefore they ask teachers for term paper tips on writing down a monologue.

This article is aimed at providing the necessary term paper tips on writing down a monologue. Among the various tips I have jotted down three important term paper tips on writing down a monologue.

As you’re familiar that a monologue involves one actor talking for an extensive period of time, you should select the voice of your character very carefully ensuring that it is clear and according to his or her personality. Furthermore, the voice of your character should be in harmony with the flow of your monologue, and before and after your monologue throughout the play.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have different voice tones; instead you should be consistent and reflect the attitude portrayed in the monologue. You should make it clear for the audience to realize the shifts in voice tones are deliberate, because if you don’t do this your spectators will quickly lose interest due to inconsistency.

In comparison with the whole play, a monologue is relatively a short piece but still requires a form and tempo of its own. Like any story, a monologue has a structure, an introduction, body and conclusion, and you have to be very particular in creating a balance between each part. You have to be clear on monologue’s climax and ensure that viewers are captivated throughout the entire monologue, especially its high points.

The form of a monologue is as important as it makes or breaks the play. If your passage does not have a shape, it would seem as if your character is confused. You should use short phrases and strong emotions to capture the spectator’s interest. If you lose hold of the audience even for five minutes, it can cost you the whole play.

One of the most important aspects among essay term paper tips on writing down a monologue is to know your audience. The audience here does not refer to the people who will be watching your play, instead it means those people that you want your character to speak to or to whom you are conveying the message through the monologue.

Once you elucidate your audience, your entire monologue will itself take the appropriate shape and rhythm. Your audience will understand the character’s distinct voice and will relate to the corresponding attitude and intentions of the character.

I hope these term paper tips on writing down a monologue are helpful to you during your original piece.

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