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Term Paper Tips on Evangelism

Monday, Feb. 14th 2011

If given the assignment of writing a term paper on evangelism, you can define Evangelism as the zealous preaching of the gospel and the practice of relaying your set of beliefs to those whom you assume are non-believers. This term is used with reference to Christianity.

Next in your essay term paper on evangelism, reiterate that evangelism is most often used in the communication of the Christian faith to new cultures and geographical areas. Christians who specialize in propagating Christianity are known as evangelists.

Now for another of your term paper tips on evangelism, explain that proselytism is quite different from Evangelism. Proselytism would be converting to Christianity to obtain material benefits and advantages.

Included in your term paper tips on evangelism, should be the fact that the Catholic Church Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith has asserted that: “Evangelism is the right and duty of Evangelists, and can be considered to be an expression of religious liberty”.

Also in your term paper on evangelism, state the fact that sacred teachers should seek inspiration from the greatest teacher who ever lectured – Jesus Christ. It is recorded that the Church’s obsession with spreading the word of Jesus by his apostles in the role of instructor began soon after the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Education was used as a tool to educate believers and also to attract non-believers to the Christian faith.  To this end the modern day Catholic education system, adopts a unique system of education by combing religious instruction with secular theory. Broadly speaking this approach involves a combination of evangelism, sacred teachings and culture.

In the term paper on evangelism, you can safely assume that Catholic education has a historical background as diversified and rich as secular learning. Secular learning embodies the very impressive history of the Greek and Roman philosophers, Catholic Evangelism compare this with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Then in your term paper on evangelism, research and write that Christian education can be credited for much of the secular and sacred learning throughout history. Historians would not have many of the documents that they have were it not for the early Christian monks, whose abbeys were centers of learning and record keeping.

Also research and write in the in your term paper on evangelism, the fact that in order to promote and continue Evangelism, the Catholic Church undertook secular learning. Despite the promotion of secular learning, the main focus of the Church is still on Evangelism.

It can be safely concluded that the approach, taken as a whole by the Catholic Church is an excellent tool for Catholic education and evangelism. According to the Christian Bible, Evangelism began with the command from Jesus Christ in his last days on Earth, to g

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