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Term Paper on Writing Feature and Article and Their Impact on an Individual

Thursday, Nov. 11th 2010

The contribution of features and articles in a newspaper represent the thoughts of various individuals, which help to alter the perception of readers. To understand what an article is and how the feature provides information to its reader you have to go through the pages of a newspaper. To write a term paper on writing feature and article and their impact on an individual, you have to first get the idea about articles and features and what topics they are written on.

First you have to define what topics are included in a feature and article. A feature is usually written on the selected topics of the person’s interest. And an article can be written on any term paper topic from human interest, stories to recent issues, also related to news as well. You have to define that how these articles and features can alter the thoughts of anyone reading them. It is because they leave an impact on the mind if the point is made emphatically or the situation being sketched flawlessly.

To write an article or feature it is necessary to know what are the pre-requisites for that because not everyone has the potential to pen down their thoughts well. You have to explain the very idea behind writing features and articles that they are purely perceptional  even if related to any topic and have great a deal of information. You should also write about the reader that how may these features and articles help the reader. There is always an option of giving feedback to these articles and features so that if anyone does not agree with the thoughts of writer can tell him by sending feedback.

Moreover, these articles and features always have some information in them either written on political issues or are gender oriented. You will have to define the significance of features and articles to make your term paper on writing feature and article and their impact on an individual more knowledgeable. It would be also fruitful if you put your own opinion in the term paper after reading an article or feature.

It is upon the writer to write down his opinions in such a way that the leading line should attract the reader to read further. You have to include the ideas as well that a writer focuses upon to maintain the interest of the reader, because it’s the same writer who writes topics of his own interest constantly which have a huge impact on the readers. Therefore, you have to stay to the point and concise while writing a term paper on writing features and article and their impact on an individual. Your term paper should revolve around what effects people have after reading various opinions and do these features and articles mold the perception of the reader. It would be helpful for you if you add a few opinions of people in the surrounding who are daily reader of these features and articles.

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