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Term Paper on Traditional Textbooks vs. Computer Teaching

Sunday, Jan. 16th 2011

The written word has dominated man’s learning process through the ages. Beginning with words written on tablets and parchments, books became popular with the advent of mechanical printing, and for centuries books were the only source of textbook education.  Occasionally, computers did aid in text book education. Now, with the very easy availability of the Internet, many people think that books are obsolete, and computer teaching is very dominant force in today’s education.

Begin your term paper on traditional textbooks vs. computer teaching, by doing some research and reporting whether textbooks will be obsolete in future.  Will technology completely eliminate the use and the need for textbooks?

Next in term paper on traditional textbooks vs. computer teaching, compare all factors between electronic textbooks and the conventional paper textbook. Electronic textbooks are easier to carry around and handle than paper textbooks, and they weigh less too! Alternatively the student must have the necessary accessories to read the electronic textbook, like a computer, electrical connections.

Also include in the term paper on traditional textbooks vs. computer teaching, other factors like computer systems are easily damaged by dust, water or sunlight, whereas a paper textbook is basically not affected or damaged by the elements.

Next cite facts in your term paper on traditional textbooks vs. computer teaching like that although electronic textbooks are lighter than conventional textbooks, you just cannot fling electronic textbooks without irreparable damage, nor curl up with an electronic textbook, or use it indefinitely outdoors without recharging.

Conclude your research paper on traditional textbooks vs. computer teaching, how many things are learnt more easily with computers, provided attractive interface is added to the information. Different colors, fonts and styles can be changed instantly on computers, and text can be made even more attractive with pictures, animations and vibrant colors.

Computer technology has the distinct advantage of receiving lectures over the Internet, and reviewing them at your leisure. Added to this is the advantage of virtual colleges/universities enabling you to enroll in the universities of your choice irrespective anywhere you like without considering the distances.

Last but not least in your term paper on traditional textbooks vs. computer teaching, consider that online education via computers helps you in fulfilling other pressing responsibilities, like a full time job and you may work at your education at the same time without missing a semester.

Traditional textbooks do have some value like, they can be folded to accommodate any space, you do not have to exercise any special care for them, and you can even read them under your blankets while lying down comfortably or even curled up, something that might not be possible with electronic material. However, currently electronic learning seems to have many advantages over traditional textbook learning.

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