Term Paper on Three Mile Island

03/07/10 3:32 PM

The advent of atomic energy has put the world into a new era of energy research. Scientists had worked for years on splitiing, fission and fusion of neutrons, uranium, krypton and other atomic particles. At last on 2 December, 1942 man had achieved his aim by creating a nuclear reactor. But the breakdowns in nuclear plants have left the world in danger and in the glimpse of fear. Three Mile Island is also among those serious cases that hit the nuclear power industry massively.

Writing a research paper or term paper on Three Mile Island requires a big deal of research work. You need to dig out what exactly happened in the accident of Three Mile Island. It is actually a U.S commercial nuclear plant, also called (TMI) situated on the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and had gone through a severe disaster because of percentage increase of hydrogen bubbles in the dome of pressure vessel.

Moreover, you can also add date and timings of the accident.  That risky incident in which the partial core had meltdown and resulted in the release of radioactive Krypton was held at 4:00 am, 28 March 1979. Including history, will grant your readers with an informative background about the issue.

As the disaster of Three Mile Island had happened in a sequence of events, therefore providing the summary of the event will surely bestow you an absolute research work. Try to mention what had happened to feed water pumps, what led the steam generator to stop working, why the turbine shut down automatically, what makes the nuclear fuel overheated etc. Adding all these points make your term paper really an interesting one, loaded with information.

Moreover, you can make your term paper an absolute piece of examination by providing it with the health effect it brings to the world ahead. Many of the health and human services teams like the department of health, the environmental protection agency etc have investigated the issue. So you may supply your term paper with the radiological consequences put forwarded by these agencies.

Furthermore, you can also bring out the actual facts in front. It means you can show what was the actual scene behind it i.e. was it a personal error or some machinery breakage or poor engineering.

In addition, you can also reveal the amount of losses that disaster had brought. Despite the fact that it had not led any human death or even injuries, but the cost of machinery and other highly expensive equipment can’t be anyway ignored.

Keep in mind to reveal all the facts and figure considering the basic structure of the term paper i.e. introduction, body and conclusion. Before submission proof read it.

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