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Term Paper on The Treatment of Alzheimer

Saturday, Dec. 25th 2010

Writing a term paper on the treatment of Alzheimer is a topic that can guarantee you good grades. This term paper will reflect student’s perception regarding Alzheimer and your diligent efforts for finding out the cure of this disease. Alzheimer is getting common in our society day by day.

Students should develop the structure of essay term papers on the treatment of Alzheimer on the foundation of introduction, body and conclusion. More concrete three foundations of the term paper, the more informative and impressive term paper turns out to be. The three foundations of a term paper on the treatment of Alzheimer can be made concrete by conscientious research work. Students can visit various doctors for finding out details regarding this disease. In the introduction of their term paper students should describe what actually Alzheimer is. Students should comprehensively write that Alzheimer is the most common form of dementia which is a condition of mental decline. Students should write that Alzheimer is a progressive brain disorder.  Scrupulous research is the prerequisite for writing research paper on the treatment of Alzheimer.

Students should make sure that the information which they have collected is from an authenticated source. Students should discuss in detail that currently there is no cure for Alzheimer disease but medical research has been carried out for finding a cure to this disease. Gradually doctors are getting closer to discover the treatment of this disease. Students should discuss that there are some medicines and treatment available that can help in the treatment of the Alzheimer disease. Although no medicine is available that can reverse or cure Alzheimer completely but if Alzheimer is diagnosed earlier treatment can help the patient to carry out their daily activities and independent lifestyle for longer duration. Some medicines are available in the market that can cure depression, sleeplessness and behavioral problems such as aggressiveness, agitations etc among the patients.

Doctors usually prescribe medicine to the Alzheimer patient on the basis of following factors such as patient’s health, age and medical history. Doctors also check the extent of the disease, patient’s tolerance and expectations for the course of the disease. Students should also state in their term paper on the treatment of Alzheimer that Aricept is the only treatment for the Alzheimer disease that is approved by FDA. Cognex is also a drug that is approved by FDA for the treatment of Alzheimer.

Students should discuss that scientific research is been carried out for finding out how drug and non drug approaches cam play significant role for the cure of Alzheimer disease. Medicines which are currently available help to manage the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer such as changes in thinking, memory and perception. Students should state that medicines of Alzheimer that are currently available cannot cure the disease but it will decrease the progression of symptoms in some patients.

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