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Term Paper on The Increasing Use of Opium

Wednesday, Jan. 5th 2011

Opium is an extract of the poppy flower, and is grown in selected regions of the world. Opium is the main ingredient in some of the most valuable medicines in the world.  It is also illegally used in making illicit habit forming drugs like heroin, and cocaine.

When assigned to write a term paper on the increasing use of opium, the first thing to research and write about will be conditions for cultivating and growing opium, like opium usually grows  in areas that are cool with loose well drained soil.

Although drug usage varies from country to country or region to region, still it is an undisputed fact that the use of drugs like heroin, cocaine and other derivatives is on the rise, although the possession of drugs and selling them is a crime in every country. So include in your term paper on the increasing use of opium, statistics that show increase in the usage of the above illegal drugs.

Another major factor that has contributed to the increasing use of opium is the unbridled growth of the world population. Increased population means increased users. Pharmaceutical use of opium has also increased as Pharmaceutical companies have patented and are providing many new drugs like Viagra, which is very popular and is made from opium.

Next in am essay term papers on the increasing use of opium, research and write about other factors contribution to the use of opium, like contemporary pressures at work or social pressures. The increase in psychiatric ailments has also increased the use of opium, because most drugs that sedate such patients use opium as its manufacturing base.

UN surveys indicate that the production of these drugs is under the patronage of ethnic armies, who view this as the fastest and most lucrative method to obtain cash for buying arms for whatever cause they are fighting for like Afghanistan (the Taliban) the Colombians, who control half of Colombia and finance their armies through the sale of illegal drugs. Research through the net and write in the term paper on the increasing use of opium other channels that smuggle drugs to Western Countries to get the maximum profits.

The production and use of opium has grown in leaps and bounds especially after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The warlords and local militias used the product to buy arms. The production has risen around 15 times since the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, and is used by the Taliban for funding its militias.

Give some facts and figures in your term paper on the increasing use of opium, by citing factors such as parties, especially in the West are not complete without the availability of heroin and cocaine.  It is said to be fashionable, and has contributed significantly to the demand and increase in the price of opium.

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