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Term Paper on The Effects of Electronic Media on The Society

Wednesday, Nov. 17th 2010

With the turn of the last century, societies all over the world, have witnessed dramatic effects owing to the fast pacing lane of media. Often students engaged in media sciences are required to submit a term paper on the effects of electronic media on the society.

To deal with a global and diverse issue such as this, one must do lots of research in order to present reliable and hard – hitting points in his argument. For this you will need to visit libraries, browse archives, surf the internet as well as interviewing a few media personnel can come mighty handy.

To begin your term paper on the effects of electronic media on the society you are first required to explain to your readers, what is meant by electronic media, giving them a perception that expands beyond than just a definition. You may enrich your first paragraph by enlisting the various examples of electronic media including: televisions, radio, telephone, internet, game console, multimedia presentations, CD – ROM and even online content.

The next step would be to provide an overview to your readers, of how the electronic media has changed over the last century. You will have to describe the changes it has undergone and what were the major influences that caused such abrupt transformations. In the same paragraph start to highlight the impact that electronic media tends to create on the current society.

With this start a new paragraph where you will elaborate how the electronic media has created a set of long – lasting effects on the society. You will have to explain how the present modern society relies heavily on information and communication to keep moving ahead, even in our day – to – day activating like work, entertainment, health care, education, personal relationships, traveling etc. This will help the readers, comprehend the direct link that electronic media holds and sustains for the people in the society.

You can also talk about how people are made to believe something, build an opinion and how emotions can be controlled through television. You will be now required to dedicate separate paragraphs for the positive and negative effects the electronic media has on the society.

To get your point across, you can start explaining how the electronic media affects teenagers, our decisions, our possessions, even our mind state. You can give examples of infomercials and how they program their viewers into purchasing their merchandise.  How people especially the younger generations are in constant exposure to sex images, the excessive images of violence and exposure to thousands of junk food ads.

With this do add various problems that have seen an exponential growth with teenagers observing celebrities and fashion world online including anorexia and other diet related disorders. Increase in juvenile crimes in order to obtain items that the media brings to light is also a side to this dark picture.

Near the end of your college term paper on the effects of electronic media on the society you may now elucidate the positive effects of electronic media like sport encouragement, health awareness campaigns, public relief funds, online education degrees, interventions etc.

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