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Term Paper on The Basic Functions of Management


This is a pretty open ended topic to write a term paper on the basics functions of management. You will be required to write the basic functions of management. There are many functions of management but you must write only those which are basic. If you write all of the functions the in your term paper on the basic functions of management, the examiner will just mark it as irrelevant.

Stick to the point. Understand what the topic is. Take your time and begin your term paper on the basic functions of management by first telling the reader what management is. Well do you know what management is? Let me give you an instance on how to begin your term paper on the basic functions of management.

Managers manage. Which is known by every one but what you don’t know is that management is the back bone of every business big or small. Why, because the management is responsible for running things on the ground when the leaders are up high making crucial decisions. Remember do not go in to irrelevant details.

After writing the second part of your term paper on the basic functions of management you will be required what the functions actually are. For this you must be prepared and you must thoroughly know what the functions are. So what are the functions? We will briefly go through them as I give you examples.

There are basically five basic functions of management from which other functions are derived. These are, planning, organizing, staffing directing and controlling. Briefly write a paragraph on each one of them explaining its meanings and importance in your term paper on the basic functions of management.

For e.g. organizing is all about maintaining the organizational structure of a business in accordance to the business’s staff, its objective etc. Staffing is the process of selecting the right people for the job. Directing is guiding those staff people to achieve optimal performance from them. Controlling is the process which ensures that progress is being made and objectives are being carried out. So on and so forth.

Again, you must stick to the point. Do not veer of to writing long paragraphs on any one function or all of them you will not be marked for irrelevance.

In conclusion to your essay term paper on the basic functions of management make sure you write the benefits of management in every day life.

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