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Term Paper on The Accession And Succession of States

Saturday, Dec. 4th 2010

In the international system various incidents and changes occur which the world has witnessed before and will be seeing in future. The differences in political systems and formation of international organizations are the key features of international relations. To write a term paper on the accession and succession of states it is essential to know these two terms as what they are related to. You will first define what succession refers to and what the accession of states is. Then you will move further giving examples of independent states which have emerged on the world map and the ones who joined the international treaties either bilateral or multilateral.

You will have to know that succession of a state is associated with the acceptance of a new state by international community. The new state gets all rights and obligation transferred from the predecessor state to a new state. It also includes having your own independence and membership in international organizations. Many states have gone through the process of succession and are now enjoying the rights of independent states. These states can then work for their economy and enjoy their utmost independence by having cordial relations with neighboring countries. You will also describe the change of policies and international law in this regard, that what rights of the prior states are given to the new state.

You will then give a few examples of succession of states seen in the international scenario in your essay term paper on the accession and succession of states. You can write about the predecessors of sovereign states of South America, or the sovereign states in Europe. All the information that you add should have a relation with the topic and should be to the point. Further you will have to explain accession refers to act of being member of a treaty or union with state’s own wish, which has to respect the rules and obligations of the treaty.

You have to highlight the importance of accession in international relations that how states ratify a treaty and become member of a treaty with their own consent. With the inclusion of new member state all the member states should be given a new agreement defining the about the addition of a member. Therefore, accession of a state in any treaty or union is an extremely important move in international politics to be explained. For your term paper on the accession and succession of states you will have to add examples of accession as well. You can accentuate the enlargement of European Union and other stories of accession in your term paper.

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