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Term Paper on Student Diversity

Thursday, May. 20th 2010

Since past few decades United States of America has become a multicultural society.  Due to large number of immigrants, problems due to student diversity have been alarmingly increasing in American educational system. This term paper on student diversity highlights the major problems caused by student diversity in educational system and how these issues can be resolved.  In order to overcome these issues due to student diversity, it is necessary to embrace global and multicultural awareness.

The biggest problem due to student diversity is that in most of the cases even brilliant international students are unable to understand cultural references in lectures and exams. Most of the time many terms and phrases used in books and reference material are not present in dictionary which causes huge problems for international students, to understand different concepts. Due to these problems most of the times many international students are unable to give best results and achieve good grades. In order to resolve all such problems there is an urgent need to streamline the curriculum so that it can embrace multicultural ideas and perspectives. Teachers and faculty members should be trained enough, to give global awareness to their students and to give them knowledge how to enhance their academic communities from each other’s cultural heritage.

This term paper on student diversity reveals what steps should be taken by educators to overcome the problem of student diversity. These measures are as follow:

1) Educators should ask diversity speaker, who has travelled all around the world and has extensive communication capabilities, to give lectures to students regarding global awareness and to promote understanding of various ethnic groups.

2) Second important thing, all campuses should hire international linguists to help the students to better understand certain concepts in their respective languages.

3) Educators should promote various healthy competitions and activities through which student have opportunities to share their respective traditions, ideas and viewpoints.

4) Educators should teach students how to respect each other’s beliefs and viewpoints. They should make certain academic communities so that students with different culture have chance to intermingle and share their viewpoints.

This term paper on student diversity also presents the ideas and strategies through which international students can overcome the problems due to cultural differences. These secrets are as follow:

1) Students should frequently attend lectures and seminars on global awareness and cross culture integration. They should join various academic communities of different ethnic group within campus.

2) Students should try to intermingle with student groups. There are lots of things to be learned and experienced outside the class too. They should try to hang out with their class mates more often. This will give them practical exposure to others’ view points and culture. In this way students can then easily communicate with each other and can seek help from each other too.

By following right strategies, students and teachers can overcome the problems due to student diversity and can bridge the gap of cultural differences between students.

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