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Term Paper on Social Welfare Programs and Their Implementation

Wednesday, Nov. 10th 2010

Social welfare programs often face difficulties at the implementation phase of the project. Today these problems are faced in almost every part of the world. Many private and public welfare organizations and associations are working, in association and independently, towards an economically sound global landscape. Unfortunately, these firms are faced with harsh realities of corruption, political interests, theft and fraud, at both, domestic and international levels.

Often students in international relations, political science and other social subjects find themselves assigned to write a term paper on social welfare programs and their implementation. You need to research extensively from newspapers, magazines, journals and the internet to find information on numerous welfare projects in different categories. Here is a guideline that will help you write a thorough term paper on social welfare programs and their implementation.

To begin writing you should explain what welfare programs are and define the boundaries and precincts to which social welfare programs are applicable to. This would include a brief account of what welfare programs have been initiated under different categories, such as health, education, animal and forest restoration and many others.  You will also identify various organizations and departments both, at the national and state levels, that work under these categories.

Once these organizations and categories are identified you will then delve deeply into the problems associated with the implementation of social welfare programs. You need to recognize that these social welfare projects are intended to meet the requirements of the underprivileged citizens but fail to do so due to the embedded conflicts in American politics.

You may give detailed explanation on the notion of welfare state. This would obviously include the history of welfare state and its various forms. You should raise questions on the effectiveness of welfare state in fighting poverty and crime. You should also point out the major proponents of the welfare state and its critics, with highlighting how the distribution and redistribution of wealth occurring in such form of governance. You should also reflect on how these governments that are heavily involved in implementing social welfare programs cover their expenses.

You need to show how these conflicts appear at the national level when government welfare projects are being formulated. During the implementation stage of these projects, troubles appear at the state and local level. You should also explain how the resources are allocated in the design process of each welfare project at the federal level. You should tell the reader whether implementation authorities have any independence in the actual implementation process of these social welfare programs.

At the end you should provide any suggestions to the problems addressed in your essay term paper. You should ask the role of the political elites at the national and international level and whether they can be made accountable for their personal gain and interest. So, good luck with your term paper on social welfare programs and their implementation.

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