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Term Paper on Role of Media in War Time


Term paper really matters a lot in the life of educational soldiers i.e. students. Profound ideas, deep research work, comprehensive information and impressive writing style are the key factors that can make your term paper the best among all. The topic” term paper on the role of media in war time” is a winning topic that can guarantee you good grades.

While writing a term paper on role of media in war time, students should make sure to do comprehensive research work regarding the topic. Students can take a start of their term paper on role of media in war time by stating that military and media work shoulder to shoulder during war time. Media can play an effective role in war time for uniting the masses and uplifting the spirits of citizens and soldiers. Student should discuss the nature of work of media. Media requires independence, freedom and do not usually follow rules and regulation. On the other hand the military have to follow rules and regulations. Military do not have the space for errors. They have to accurate and precise in their life. During war time one error of media can destroy the entire strategy. One secret exposed and thousands of life have to pay for it. It is really important that at the time of war time, media should keep aside their personal interest and work shoulder to shoulder with army. Military should discuss with media staff what news should be exposed and what should be concealed for the best interest of the nation.

Students should discuss that during wartime the rule of thumb that media follow is to expose maximum enemies’ causalities and to conceal and undercover national causalities. The major difference or source of conflict that exists between media and military is that during pre invasion period military is scared to discuss their strategy so that enemy remains unaware of their moves. While media is scared that military will conceal their mistakes and hide truth under the cover. The result is that often the conflict exists between the two pillars of the state.

Students should discuss in detail how these conflicts can be settled and resolved.

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