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Term Paper on Religion in Post Modern Era

Thursday, Feb. 3rd 2011

When writing a term paper on religion in post modern era, remember that religion has been the dominant influence, and is the most complex phenomenon in the history of mankind. Depending on personal feeling /convictions emotions, religion can be analyzed in many different ways depending on the information an individual is interested in.

Next, in your term paper on religion in post modern era, keep in mind that all religions expect all its members to following the written rules of religious behavior. A person usually does not choose his religion, he/she is born into that religion, and pressure is exerted to follow the norms of the religion that one is born in and that particular is the   greatest.  A person learns about religion through interactions of different kinds.

Also include in your  Tterm paper on religion in post modern era, that religion has had successive additions, and that religion is  socially spread, and like any other important part of society, religion too has undergone changes over the centuries. However research and write why communal disharmony is quite rare in consumer based societies, because affluence diminishes the influence of spiritualism.

Another important of your term paper on religion in post modern era, is that theorists believe that there is no one true religion, that the pattern of religion is developed in a manner, that man believes dictates the desires of the super natural, although religion cannot flourish without the involvement of human beings. Any religion can be true, it really does not matter what a person believes, as long as he/she believes in something.

In the term paper on religion in post modern era, define that “postmodernism” can be defined as “after the modern movement”. Postmodernism describes contemporary thinking and attitudes towards established religion, which  is believed to have started in the mid 1900’s.

In the term paper on religion in post modern era, include the fact that postmodernists believe that there is no absolute truth. What is the truth for one person can be false for another. What is true today could be false the next day.

Last in the essay term paper on religion in post modern era, include that postmodernists believe that no religion provides sufficient grounds for change. Religion strives to keep individuals as believers to prevent any changes. Religion does not like change especially when the changes do not harmonize religion with the prevalent social structure.

Active historical analyses indicate that religious changes occur with the development of markets, which weaken major influences like the state and specifically religion. Postmodernist thinkers believe that religious beliefs, morals and ethics are dependent on personal opinions. Postmodernists strongly oppose the theory that Jesus Christ is the only source of redemption, or the single source of going to heaven.

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