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Term Paper on Recent Oil Spill

Tuesday, Jul. 13th 2010

You are sitting in your room eating popcorns and watching a documentary film on oil spills. The weather is hot and there is no one to give you company. All of a sudden you felt as if air is getting denser around you. You are trying to breathe but the air does not seem to go into your lungs. Your lungs are screaming for oxygen and that’s when you open your eyes. Oh! You have dozed in the middle of the documentary and the thing suffocating you was actually your pillow.

Now this type of incident will open your eyes as to what happens to marine and wild life when oil spills takes place due to our carelessness in handling tanks during transportation of oil. Oils spills also occur due to damage in equipments or through natural disasters. Countries at war dump oil into enemy’s Ocean to cause obstruction in travelling by water routes. Terrorist does that to carry their evil designs in harming countries integrity and exquisiteness. Also people dump waste oil from factories or homes into oceans which together make a huge oil spill.

Oil spills have become a serious threat in today’s world. One of the recent and disastrous oil spill was The Deepwater Horizon oil spill also named as the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill or The BP oil spill. It occurred on April 20th 2010 due to an explosion of deep water horizon drilling platform about 50 miles south east of Mississippi river delta.  The explosion killed 11 people and 17 got injured.  To this day oil is discharging from a well 5000 feet underneath the ocean. According to a rough estimate about 39 million gallons of crude oil have been detached in the gulf. There are also underwater oil plumes resulting in environmental catastrophe.

The spill has destroyed the marine and wildlife of that region wiping fragile species. Whales, turtles, dolphins and other endangered species are cut off from oxygen and food supply due to the presence of oil slick over sea surface. Fishermen’s have no way to earn their livelihood.  Fisheries and tourism industries are devastated. In fact the whole economic industries have suffered a setback due to this devastating oil spill.

Serious efforts are being done to stop this oil leakage but so far these efforts have been futile. BP is trying to put a containment cap but due to the depth and magnitude of the gushing well the leak hasn’t been plugged yet. Volunteers and workers are doing their best to clean the mess as to save aquatic species. Skimmer ships, sand filled barricades and anchored barrier are being used to recover the ocean.  Chemical dispersants and controlled burning are also being done. In short all possible steps are being taken to stop this oil outburst.

Let’s hope that in the days to come Mexico gulf coast recovers from this disaster and soon a method will be discovered to stop the oil gushing from the well.

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