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Term Paper on Psychological Illness and Its Effects on Personality

Friday, Nov. 12th 2010

Writing a term paper on psychological illness and its effect on personality, can be interesting one if proper guidelines are followed. Student should carry out their task in an organized manner this will help them to easily write term paper on psychological illness and its effect on personality.


Students should do comprehensive research on various psychological illness and drastic effect they can produce on patient’s personality. Students should do research what actually psychological illness is, its causes and prevention. Students should also do research regarding symptoms of psychological illness.



In term paper introduction regarding psychological illness, students should write regarding the description what psychological illness means. Students can take a start like this that the word health a broader term which means physical as well as mental health. Psychological illness is the other name of mental disorder. Student should mention it is the disability of an individual to exhibit normal behavior and generate normal response in day to day situation.


Students should describe in detail the effects psychological illness can produce on individual’s personality. Most of the patient’s behavior completely changes due to psychological illness. They become more aggressive, sometimes they become extremely quiet. Most of the patients of mental illness start to behave in an unpredictable manner. Students should also discuss the change that is observed in the habits of such people. For example they avoid eating, they started using drugs for relaxation, they have disturbed sleep patterns and above of all they want to become socially isolated.

Students should also discuss that patients having mental disorders usually loses hope to live. They do not have any wishes. Most often they lose differentiation between good and bad, and in failure and success.

Psychological disorders have very bad effect on one’s physical health too. Immune system of an individual gets effected drastically use to mental illness. Individual become more prone to diseases, infections and viruses.

Students should also discuss in their term papers that most often patients having psychological disorders have mood swings too. They seek different paths for pleasures. Some even seek pleasure while hurting others. Most often anxiety completely empowers their thoughts and they are unable to focus, study, analyze and take decisions.


In the end students should write strategies how effects of mental disorder can be minimized through effective treatment of such patients. Students should emphasize the need to eliminate the causes of mental disorders from the society.

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