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Term Paper on Nuclear Reactor

Wednesday, Jul. 21st 2010

Most students are required to submit a comprehensive term paper at the end of their academic semester, which contributes a significant portion to the final grade. It tests the student’s ability to produce and analyze a research based topic which is usually related to his/her field of study.

A term paper on nuclear reactor may be assigned to students studying engineering, physics, chemistry, nuclear physics and so on. It is an interesting topic because a lot of information is readily available. The suggestions below will help you in producing a good quality term paper on nuclear reactor.

Begin the term paper by deciding on what exactly you want to write on regarding a nuclear reactor. You have a number of options such as its construction, its working, its components, the operators, its classifications, the current technologies being used, the safety and precautions, the threats and dangers and so on.

Once you have chosen what area to write on you can devise a thesis statement. This is usually a concise sentence which portrays your stance on the specific area of the topic. For example, you can choose to argue that nuclear reactors pose threats which far outweigh its benefits. Or you could be bold and present your own safer construction of a nuclear reactor. The choice is yours, just be ready to provide plenty of solid evidence to back up your argument.

Talk about nuclear energy in general, try and simply it for the layman to understand. Remember, your professor already knows his nuclear energy concepts, so don’t try to impress him by using technical jargon. Show the professor that you know what you are talking about by expressing your concepts.

To create an unbiased term paper on nuclear reactor, you can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. For its advantages, you can discuss mass electricity production, employment opportunities and the applications of nuclear power. On the other hand, for the disadvantages you can discuss the threats, radiation, disasters and cost of research.

Whatever aspect of the nuclear reactor you choose to write on, remember to provide supporting evidence each time as you must support your thesis statement in the body paragraphs. Evidence can include calculations, illustrations, images, graphical representations, charts and similar information. This increases the strength of your stance and adds value to your term paper on nuclear reactor.

Before submitting it, provide references and citations to your term paper. It reflects well on your work ethic and thoroughness.

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