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Term Paper on No Child Left Behind Policy

Friday, Jun. 4th 2010

No Child Left behind Policy in USA is a Congress Act that was proposed by George W Bush administration in 2001. After approval from House of Representatives and United Senate, it was signed into law on January 8, 2002 by George W Bush. The main objective of this law was to set national standards in educational system to assess the performance of student. This law simply introduces the criterion through which achievements can be judged.

According to this policy, yearly school progress is evaluated through state standardized test. If most of the students of a certain category failed to meet standards, then school is more likely to get sanctioned. The target that every school should achieve is that every student should be dexterous in mathematical skills and reading. According to this policy, students of grades 3 through 8 mathematical and reading skills should be tested once in a year and students of grade 10 to 12 should be tested once in three years. No child left behind policy in USA also includes that students should also be tested in science at least once in primary, middle and high school. This law serves as milestone in improving the education at school level. In a research, that was conducted in 2006 it was clearly evident that most of the low income students are usually taught by teachers  who are inexpert and need to be trained in the subjects they teach. No left behind policy in USA has set certain qualification criterion for teachers in order to provide quality education to the students all over the country.

This law is greatly beneficial for improving the standards of schools too. If they maintain their standards they can be easily among the prestigious schools and their popularity will increase immensely. Besides this if their students have narrow gap or exceed standards of this policy then federal state will reward their teachers with bonuses too. Under this policy adequate funds are provided to schools for teachers training. No child left behind policy in USA is enabling every child to read through scientifically based research programs. Due to this policy after school learning trend is also promoting. According to this policy all schools and districts should prepare annual report cards for parents. This report card must include academic achievement of all student groups. The report should clearly show high school successful graduation rates and failures too.  This report must also show the professional qualifications of the teachers working with them.

No child left behind policy is immensely contributing for improving educational standards. It is due to these policies better teachers with sound professional training, are being made available to teach students. Principal and teachers through these test results become well aware of the weaknesses of students and can easily identify the areas where improvement is needed. Through these tests students are really putting in efforts to achieve high scores.

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