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Term Paper on Needs of Special Children Students

Friday, Nov. 5th 2010

Special children whether they have mild learning problem or are having mental retardation they have special needs which should be understood.  Special children need extra attention and moral support. It is the responsibility of teachers and parents to comprehend the dreams and desires of their children. Writing a term paper on needs of special children requires that students should properly research on the needs of special children.

Before writing an essay term paper on needs of special children students should following steps. If students follow following steps, it would be relatively easier for them to write term paper on needs of special children.

RESEARCH REGARDING SPECIAL NEEDS OF CHILDREN:  There can be countless special needs of disabled children. Students should deeply research regarding the needs of special children. For research they can use internet, books, and magazines and even try to spend some time with a special person. The deeper student’s research will be more influential and impressive term paper turns out to be. Following are some of the domains in which students should carry out the research.

THEY NEED ATTENTION AND CARE: Students should write in detail about the strategies and ways through which parents and teachers could make realize disabled individuals that they are important for them. Parents and teachers should show lots of care for them and try to motivate them as much as possible.

MAKING THEM SELF INDEPENDENT: Students should highlight in their term paper the importance of making disabled individual self independent. Term paper should reveal the problems that can be created once disabled individuals have developed a habit f depending others. Students should do research regarding strategies for making disabled people self independent.

SUPPORT AND MOTIVATION:  Students should write in detail the role of support and motivation in the life of special children. Support and motivation give them hope to live and succeed. Instead of repenting on lost potential parents should help their children to face the challenges of their lives. Such students require lots of appreciation.

PERSONALITY BUILDING: Students should search regarding the importance of personality building strategies in the life of special children. Parents and teacher can help them to face peer pressures and society pressure. In this way they can have a strong personality and can easily live a happy life.

COMPREHENSIVE TERM PAPER: After doing research students should draft a term paper in an appropriate manner. Students should include all their research in the term paper. They should include their research describing each finding in each paragraph. They can also write their suggestion in points.

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