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Term Paper on Medical and Legal Implications of Euthanasia

Thursday, Nov. 4th 2010

With the turn of the new century, we are now face – to – face with biggest of controversy of Euthanasia. To be able to write a term paper on the medical and legal implications of Euthanasia is a very sensitive task and must be handled with care and attention to every last detail.

In this article we will be providing you with a set of guidelines that will help you pen down your essay term paper on medical and legal implications of Euthanasia. The very first step is to make certain to be very discreet in your language when discussing such a divisive topic.

To begin, you will have to first explain to your readers, what is euthanasia to be exact, meaning it is mercy killing for patients. If you are using a medical journal to quote your definition then make sure you cite the proper reference at the end of your term paper. Dedicate a few lines to the history of euthanasia and how it was widely accepted with Greeks and Romans.

Time now to start another paragraph, whereby you will state the many medical implications that govern euthanasia for this you will have to explain the types of euthanasia. Explain the difference between Active Euthanasia and Passive Euthanasia, where an action leads to death of patient or the withholding or withdrawing of a life support or medication leading to death respectively.

You will also have to highlight the divergence between voluntary and non-voluntary decision taken by the patient or another person in case of an unconscious patient in that order. Now you must add a few points in relation to the morality of euthanasia especially talking about active euthanasia, discuss each point to an extent where the reader will be in accordance with European and American arguments for and against active euthanasia.

Explaining how it was accepted in Buddhism, Shintoism, and Confucianism where as it was rejected by the 3 main monotheistic religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam will be another good asset to your term paper on the medical and legal implications of Euthanasia.

Now your term paper on the medical and legal implications of Euthanasia requires you to talk about its legal implications. There are a number of legal considerations that are associated with Euthanasia; you will start by explaining how the state has all the rights to be involved in all the euthanasia cases.

You can include a few real life cases here with accurate references to increase the authenticity of your essay term paper; you can add examples of Dr. Harold Blazer responsible for putting her daughter on the death bed. Talk about Joseph Hassman and Dr. Jack Kevorkian and enlighten your reader about the consequences that can lead to active euthanasia without proper consent.

Elaborate on the various factors that permit the action active euthanasia, including: binding legal rulings of the state, actions, ownership and control of life, consent to medical treatment. You can also enlist countries where voluntary active euthanasia is now legal including the United States of America, countries where it is moving towards legalization like in Netherlands and Belgium and countries where it is still illegal including the Middle East.

You are now ready to write down your term paper on the medical and legal implications of Euthanasia  and producing content that is not only factual based but also appealing to the respective readers.

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