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Term Paper on Learning Disabilities

Wednesday, Sep. 8th 2010

Learning disability is a neurological disorder which is found in some individuals and diagnosed in early ages, mostly. It affects the manner by which information is received, remembered, organized, and then expressed or retrieved by brain. People with learning disabilities show differences in expected and actual performance of one or more basic functions:  oral expression, memory, listening comprehension, basic reading skills, written expression, reading comprehension, mathematical calculation or reasoning etc.

As it is an interesting topic so, I want to suggest you to write a term paper on learning disabilities, but be careful to write it properly and comprehensively.

Below I am going to mention some tips regarding writing a term paper on learning disabilities.

First of all, write a detail description of it. Learning disability is a disorder in which a person feels difficulty in learning. Learning disabilities can be of any type depending on the area of brain which is affected and can be classified as reading disability, writing disability, nonverbal learning disability, math disability etc.

You should also clear the misconception that it is not indicative of a person’s intelligence level. Rather, a man with a learning disability may have trouble in performing skills in conventional way but he can overcome it with proper practice.

You should also write in detail about the causative agents of this learning ability in people.   It is usually caused by unknown factors, may be inherited, problems during pregnancy and birth, accident or others. Another thing is that it can’t be cured or fixed.

A term paper on learning disabilities should also show that with the right support, medical therapies and intervention, a person with learning disability can improve his/her performance. Proper guidance can succeed him/her in his academics and career too.

You should also write in your term paper on learning abilities how one can find that his or her student or child is suffering from any type of learning disabilities. Write in your term paper about the methods of identification and improvement of this disease in early childhood.

Now I am giving you some suggestions which you should keep in mind during writing a essay term paper on learning disabilities.

  • Never use difficult medical terms in your term paper, be simple in writing text so it can be easily understood by all.
  • Never take information from unreliable resources, always concern research journal or encyclopedia to make your term paper authentic.
  • Never be late in your term paper submission, try to submit it on time.
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