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Term Paper on Law and Order in America


A term paper on law and order in America can be a very broad topic to write on. You can find so many diverse dimensions to reflect on subjects relevant to this topic. This article aims to provide you with such scope and extent of the subject matter that will help you write an all-inclusive term paper on law and order in America.

An engaging custom term paper requires you to begin with stating a few latest facts and figures. These statistics can be a comparison between the ratio of crime and, law and order situation in America. It could include figures on the number of offends committed with respect to the particular category or classification of crime.

Since these are social and security issues you need to come up with a relevant niche topic and address it in a way that adds value to the society. You can write this term paper with the intention to state the flaws in legal and criminal justice system in America. You may also provide suggestions to improve the structure, approach, techniques and methods to maintain and sustain law and order in America. Below are a few more topics that you could write your term paper on.

You could explain in detail the Criminal Justice system of America. You should commence this topic by defining the term “Criminal Justice” and explaining the various agencies and organizations part of this system. The Criminal Justice system comprises of three distinct agencies: Law Enforcement (police); Arbitration (courts); and Corrections and rehabilitation (jails, prisons, probation and parole). You should talk about how organizations and agencies that fall under their respective category work together and in isolation to preserve law and order in America.

Then you could talk about the formulation and role of numerous organizations developed after the 9/11 attacks in America. One of these organizations is the U.S Department of Homeland Security. You will find a truck load of information on this organization and you can write about its contribution in the War against Terrorism in and outside America and its accomplishments in maintaining law and order in America.

More than 2.5 million people are being held in more than 5000 jails spread across America, which accounts for one quarter of the world’s prisoner population. Another topic that you can find loads of information is the number of prisoners detained in the number of jails and prisons across America. You could also talk about the effectiveness and the contribution of increasing these numbers of prisons to lower crime rate in America.

Another interesting research paper topic would be to talk about the job outlook and various professions in the numerous law and order departments. This could also talk about the career prospects of the detainees that are released after serving time in prison. This would include discussions on their annual income rate after incarceration and their probability of moving up the ladder in an organization that do employ them.

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