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Term Paper on Inventions by Benjamin Franklin

Monday, Oct. 11th 2010

If you have been assigned to write a term paper on inventions by Benjamin Franklin then consider yourself lucky as there is so much rich content and material available on this personality that writing and researching will not dull you even for a moment.

Before we discuss how to write a term paper on inventions by Benjamin Franklin, we should spend a brief moment highlighting some of his finer points. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United State. The list goes on; he was a politician, post master, inventor, scientist, diplomat, writer, printer, satirist, political theorist, statesman and civic activist.

However, due to the scope of this task, we will limit this to a college term paper on inventions by Benjamin Franklin and rest assured there is plenty of material available. Let us begin this term paper on inventions by Benjamin Franklin by naming some of his finest inventions.

Benjamin Franklin desired to create a modified version of the armonica as he had a passion for music. He created this device in the year 1761 and it was much smaller than the original. This won popularity in England, and Beethoven and Mozart composed tunes for it.

A term paper on inventions by Benjamin Franklin should mention the Franklin Stove which was a heating device that allowed for better air circulation and efficient fire. It used less wood and produced much more heat than conventional designs.

The lightening rod was another invention which was actually a tall metal rod that was attached to a tall building and the other end was attached to a cable that ran into the ground. This helped decrease the amount of lighting caused fires.

A term paper on inventions by Benjamin Franklin should talk about the bifocal glasses that helped the user see at close and far distances without having to switch between two separated spectacles. This design is used in the current era.

Benjamin Franklin happened to be the first scientific scholar to study the Gulf Stream taking into account the wind, geography, depth, speed and temperature. That resulted in the Map of Gulf Stream.

This term paper on inventions by Benjamin Franklin should shed light and give credit to his work that aided the medical field. He was the inventor or the flexible urinary catheter.

Benjamin Franklin was also an avid supporter of the concept of day light saving and proposed its usage and application for different time zones.

This list should provide useful content for your term paper on inventions by Benjamin Franklin. Remember to include a thorough list of references.

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