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Term Paper on Increasing Use of Cellular Phones and Its Effects

Sunday, Nov. 21st 2010

Due to enormous increase in usage of cellular phones most students are selecting to write term paper on increasing use of cellular phones and its effect. Writing a term paper on increasing use of cellular phones and its effect is an interesting topic.

Students if follow organized strategy for writing a term paper can complete their task easily and in shorter time span.  Following are guideline for writing a term paper on increasing use of cellular phones and its effect.


Research how rapidly usage of cellular phone is increasing. Students should also research on adverse effects of cellular phones on human health and its social advantages and disadvantageous.



Students in their term paper on increasing use of cellular phones and its effect should mention all the statistics regarding increase use of cellular phones. For example students can write regarding Harris interactive survey. This survey clearly states that one in five US adults do not have a landline and only 79 % population now have a landline. It is estimated that one in seven adults only uses cell phones. It is estimated that trend of using cell phone is getting popular in young generation. It is estimated that one third of 18 to 29 years old only uses cell phones. Harris interactive survey clearly shows that 89% of adults use cell phones only for making calls. Students should also mention that apart of advantages of cell phones there are many adverse effects of cell phones on human health and social environment.


Students in the body of college term paper should discuss all harmful effects on human health and on society that excessive use of cell phone can produce. It is better for students to write these harmful effects in form of points in this way, students can increase understandability and readability of their term papers. For example students should write about


The effect of radiations of cell phone is similar to dielectric heating. Students should discuss that recent studies show that radiation from cell phone increase head temperature by fraction of a degree. Body has a mechanism that in case of increase in body temperature, it increases blood flow. Unfortunately there is no such system in human eye as a result in case of dialectic heating the chances of development of a cataract increases significantly.


Students should also discuss non thermal effects. It is observed and research has proved that increased use of cell phones increases the risk of having brain tumors.


Students should also discuss that cell phones are the source of constant disturbance in meetings, conferences and other forums. Due to excessive use of cell phones the concentration level and focusing capability of individuals is greatly reduced.


In the end students should give suggestion how the harmful effects of cellular phones can be reduced.

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