Term Paper on How to Secure Wild Life

10/01/11 10:48 AM

What comes to mind when you hear the word wild life: Lions, Tigers, Zebras, and Wolves etc. You can form many questions like this one to start off your term paper on how to secure wild life. Since the topic is asking a question, starting off with a question to which everyone knows the answer is a good idea. You can then counter the people’s answer by informing them that these are not the only animals that we believe to be wild life. Any animal that is not domesticated is a wild life animal. This would provide a unique angle to your term paper on how to secure wild life and would be successful in capturing the attention of the audience.

Provide a definition of the term ‘wild life’ as well as a background on the concept of wild life. Since this is a common and general topic and mostly animal lovers and activists are the concerned readers, you can make it more interesting by adding some information that is related to them. For instance, you can say that even in the busiest city New York, you can see wild life everywhere. Squirrels and like animals living in the trees are wild animals not domesticated as people think and that they should be protected.

You can then talk about the dangers to wild life animals not just those living in the jungles and remote areas but also those living in the city. Give a detailed description on this issue. Do not just provide the obvious dangers which are known by the majority but aim towards revealing new information through your term paper on how to secure wild life. This would make your paper stand out from the others. This will obviously require a lot of research work but schedule your time properly.

Another idea is to write about why this topic is of interest to you and you can mold all the information on the topic around it. You can talk about your passion for animals or your experience with wild life and how you learnt from it that wild life needs protection in order to survive.

After you have established the fact of need of security for wild life, present your ideas on how can the wild life be secured. You can talk about the world renowned WWF agency and other wild life protection organizations in different parts of the world. You can give your own ideas about how on individual level can we secure wild life. Talk about all the options that are available for this purpose and end your term paper by providing examples of the people that have helped in this cause.

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