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Term paper on Hamlet

Tuesday, Feb. 28th 2012

Hamlet was one of the most famous plays by William Shakespeare. A term paper on Hamlet will basically describe the story of Hamlet and what was the end of it, through a third person’s view. A student should be extremely thorough with the plot about Hamlet and how it all began and ended. The paper will start with an introductory paragraph about the topic. The introductory paragraph will have a brief explanation about Hamlet such as a little information about the characters in the story.

Furthermore, the term paper on Hamlet will have a body paragraph. The body paragraph can be of 3 to 4 paragraphs or even more which will explain the story in detail to the reader. The student can start by writing a bit of background about Hamlet’s father. Then move on to writing why Hamlet changed his behavior towards everyone and what made him bring this change in himself. After writing about this change in behavior, the student can write about the girl who was in love with Hamlet but due to the change in behavior she did not get the love in return and therefore died with a one-sided love.

The term paper on Hamlet will further discuss they way Hamlet thought of having a play about how his father was killed which would bring the real face of his uncle. How his uncle plotted to send him to England for some political reasons fearing that Hamlet might want to kill him, would be the next point to be discussed. The point that will be followed is how, finally, Hamlet and his uncle had a final fight and both were dead at the end of the play.

The last paragraph known as the concluding paragraph will have the moral of the story and will also discuss the characters of Hamlet and his uncle. If possible, the student should also write his views towards each of these characters and what example they are portraying to the world. The references should be cited, if used, as this will tell the reader that the student has not copy pasted the material. Before submitting the work, the student should do a thorough read in order to remove any grammatical errors.

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