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Term Paper on Geography of Costa Rica


In this era of globalization most people hunt for exotic places for traveling. In this regard students of geography department serve them by deploying term papers on amazing places. Among these incredible traveling destinations, Costa Rica can’t be neglected. This article, term paper on geography of Costa Rica is equipped with some useful tips that will surely help you to compose an absolute term paper on the topic.

Actually Costa Rica is really an amazing and wonderful place. You may start your term paper by providing a brief profile on that land of peace. Notify about the area its covers, population, time zone, currency and capital.

After giving an outline of the country talk about its location. It is situated in Central America isthmus. Lying between Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean it presents a complete package of world`s most excellent destination to discover nature.

In your term paper on geography of Costa Rica you may talk about its economy. Its economy greatly depends on foreign trade and it’s enjoying constant growth during the last ten years. As the country is filled from the richness of fertile soil therefore it mainly deals in agricultural products such as banana, corn, sugar cane, cacao and coffee.

Your term paper on geography of Costa Rica may depict pictures from its history. Indians were the earliest people who lived at this land. Traces of Christopher Columbus arrival in 1502 are also found. Till 1821 the area was labeled as Spanish colony which was shortly broken and merged with Mexican Empire. Later on that union also collapsed and in 1838 Costa Rica emerged as an independent state. Since 1920 the country enjoys the democratic government.

In the term paper on geography of Costa Rica you may also discuss about its climate. As it’s a tropical country therefore it undergoes diverse climatic zones. Instead of experiencing winters and summers, the region is mostly bestowed with rain falls. You may add their annual rainfall average that is 100 inches nationwide.

Now talking about its religion, culture and festivals, disclose in your term paper on geography of Costa Rica that over 75% of their people are Catholics, 14% are evangelical christens and marks of other religions such as Jehovah, protestant are also found. They enjoy their religious holidays with colorful events and also by organizing firework, bullfights and masked parades.

You may also tell about their national sport, their legal system, medical facilities, arrays of beaches and cloudy forest to make your term paper on geography of Costa Rica a perfect term paper with complete information.

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