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Term Paper on Frankenstein Movie vs. the Book

Thursday, Jul. 15th 2010

Frankenstein is a novel, which is written by Mary Shelley. She wrote it when she was 18 and it was published in the next year. Its first edition was published anonymously in 1818 in London, while name of writer was mentioned in the second edition in France.  Frankenstein, was adopted as a film story in 1994, it has many alterations as per need of the director or his choice.

In this novel, Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who learns to create life. He creates a being which is larger and more powerful than an average man. Frankenstein has numerous personality aspects like he possess some elements of the Romantic Movement as well as horror.  This novel is an initial example of science fiction, too.

A term paper on Frankenstein movie vs. the book should declare the multitude of differences that exist in the movie and novel of Frankenstein.

Term paper on Frankenstein movie vs. the book should also clear the changes that occur in throughout the movie in terms of plot of story and vision of the characters too. It should include that the movie restricts the writer’s pure imaginative descriptions of characters and her deeper messages, which are clearer in the novel.

Some of the changes include;

  • In the film, the death of Victor’s mother takes place during child birth, while in the novel she was died while raising Elizabeth.
  • In the film, the creation of the monster is also left ambiguous for the viewer.
  • In the novel Henry Clerval and Victor are introduced in medical school while in the actual novel they were childhood friends.
  • In terms of character’s vision modification, victor is looking less cruel because the monster died in the film while he was alive in the novel and only neglected by the victor in novel etc.
  • It is apparent that in movie, the themes such as the inspiration of nature and isolationism are overlooked.

In a term paper on Frankenstein movie vs. the book, one should also discuss that alteration in movie is done to make the flow of the movie better.  It is also understandable that the movie is quite different in comparison to the novel, so some unnecessary details may have been over-looked. But the complete rewrite of this classic piece by Mary Shelly is not appreciable at any cost.

This complete rewriting and modification of the whole story depicts that whether the director did not respect the writers’ opinion or felt that a novel can’t fulfill the requirement of a film.

Now, in conclusion of a term paper on Frankenstein movie vs. the book, you can write what are the effects of these alterations. It is also very disappointing that original work of Mary Shelley’ novel is not preserved within the movie.

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