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Term Paper on Electricity Theft


Term paper on electricity theft requires meticulous research work. Term paper on electricity theft requires that students should fully exhibit their creative and writing potential. Electricity theft is an issue that is prevailing in many societies since many years. Actually the root cause of electricity theft is the absence of honesty and moral values.

Students after doing scrupulous research work should draft an outline for their term paper. Students should divide their term paper into three sections which are introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction is the most important part in the term papers.  It is rightly said that: “First Impression is the last Impression”

Students should write an introduction that can develop an urge of reading among readers. Students should try to state all the facts in the introduction of their term papers. Students should discuss that for more than 1% of the electricity losses have been observed due to electricity theft.

Students should discuss in detail that electricity theft is usually a problem that is mostly observed with residential customers. Students should discuss that electricity theft can result in excessive electricity bills of people living near the people who are involved in electricity theft. Students should discuss that electricity theft usually disrupts the whole process of electricity billing creating problems for company as well as the customers.

Students should discuss that electricity theft is a moral problem that ruins the diligent efforts of the companies providing the electricity with transparent billing system. In their term paper on electricity theft, students can discuss this problem in perspective of the environment of various countries. Students should discuss that in India electricity theft is a wide spreading character. The reason behind this is that in case of failure of meter the employees of the company just give the connection and bypass the meter to save work and time. That process of delivering electricity stays there for several years until any officer notices that. So it is observed in order to continue the supply most of the employees provide the option of electricity theft to the customers.

Another cause of electricity theft is the direct connection to the grid. Students should discuss in detail that in Japan the electricity theft is in practice so people can keep themselves as anonymous and can easily hide their identity. In Canada, the electricity theft is getting into practice because people do not want to pay for the electricity service or want to pay low for the service. Students should also discuss that that same is the motivation sources in US for electricity theft. Students should also discuss in detail all the acts of getting electricity without the contract of the supplier is included in electricity theft.

In the conclusion students should emphasize that it’s high time that citizen should understand their responsibilities and should not get involved in electricity theft affairs. By following above mentioned guidelines students can easily write essay term paper on electricity theft.

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