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Term Paper on Divorce Ratio in USA

18/05/10 9:48 AM

Influx of solid conflicting elements in any kind of relationship, usually results in cessation of it. The most unfortunate of all such endings is that when two people, who had somewhere in the past had decided to live together, choose to live apart. Divorce is the word, which is used to denote this undesirable episode. Different survey reports concerning marital affairs have shown that unfortunately, the ratio of occurrence of this unworthy phenomenon is mounting all around the globe. And the more unfortunate part of the fact is that in comparison to developing countries, it’s a rapidly growing event in developed countries. Particularly when we talk about USA, the rate of divorce is near to 50%, that is, out of every two marriages, one ends up with saying of goodbye forever, by marriage partners to each other.

What makes the reality of divorce in USA even harsher is the fact that this growing number of divorces is followed by a significant decrease in rate of marriages, as the trend of “being in a relationship” or “living together” is escalating. This new inclination has further led to reduction in birth rates in USA. There are many reasons for the higher divorce ratio, but most important factors with respect to US society, which are found to be drivers of increasing divorce ratio in USA, are:

-          Differences of race or ethnicity between partners.

-          Difference of religious beliefs

-          Corrupt affairs or relationship of one or both of the spouses with individual(s) other than that of each other.

-          Odd timing of the birth of first child after marriage like after 6 or 7 months.

Though an approximate rate of 50% is a general statistic for entire US population, the ratio of divorce varies with age and gender in USA. The highest of all the percentages is 52.2% in men between ages of 20 and 24, whereas the lowest 5.1% is for women between ages of 35 and 39.

Just like, there exists a difference in percentage ratio of divorce with respect to age and gender, data has been also stratified according to the number of particular marriage, it holds at the time of its occurrence. Simply founding, some solidly carried out studies have revealed that 45% percent of first marriages, 57% of second and 72% of third marriages end in divorce.

The US Government and nongovernmental sector, in recent years, have run number of campaigns to promote long-lastingness of marriages, on the basis which, reduction in ratio of divorce in USA could be somewhat hoped for.

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