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Term Paper on Computer Related Health Disorders

Tuesday, Oct. 5th 2010

The computer started off as a simple machine that receives commands and executes orders fed into it. But now the computer has turned into a veritable crutch for millions of people around the globe. It is an independent ‘organism’ made of circuits and technology that is able to carry out complex functions in a matter of seconds. Also, it is a highly sought after entertainment portal.

A term paper on computer related health disorders is quite a challenging task as it requires you to bring about the ‘evil side’ of computer usage. You will have to write about the negative aspects of something loved by millions across the world, so in effect you have to write a persuasive term paper backed by research and evidence.

This article will help you in writing an essay term paper on computer related disorders. It needs to be supplemented with technical and medical information to paint the whole picture. Remember to be tactful and balanced.


Start your term paper on computer related health disorders with the introduction where you briefly discuss the importance of this topic and why you have chosen to write on it. Give an account of how computers have evolved and taken a stance in our lives.


Now present your thesis statement which is a short concise statement that depicts your stance on the topic. For example, you can choose to agree with or disagree with the topic, or present a finding such as techniques in reducing computer related health disorders.


A term paper on computer related health disorders must be supported with research and findings to maintain the thesis statement. You will need to visit your local library, browse through the internet, refer to articles, magazines or conduct a short interview with the relevant personnel.

Through your research you need to show studies or cases where computer related health disorders are prevalent and have been known to cause damage to the human body. This should be backed by medical studies and testimonies by victims.


In the analysis portion of your term paper on computer related health disorders, you should try and make sense of the research and findings presented by you. This portion should be simplified for the readers so they can easily gain and understanding of the topic and see the relation between the topic and the research.


The final paragraph of your term paper on computer related health disorders is the conclusion. Here you should reiterate your thesis statement and match it with your findings to present a convincing argument.

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