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Term Paper on Comparison and Contrast of Plato’s and John Searle’s Theory of Rationality

Monday, Nov. 22nd 2010

Compare and contrast term papers require students to find similarities and differences in two or more aspects of the essay. These may include events, theories, problems, thoughts and ideas and assess their similarities and variations. Therefore, these essays aim to enhance and mature your critical thinking abilities as well as your reasoning and comprehension of the significance of the things you compare.

A term paper on comparison and contrast of Plato’s and John Searle’s theory of rationality would include finding resemblances and differences in their theories and concepts. You will discuss the themes of rationality in philosophy by both philosophers in the sense that compare the old school versus the contemporary thought.

Here are a few points that are imperative to be included in your term paper on comparison and contrast of Plato’s and John Searle’s theory of rationality.

First off you need to decide on the format and style of your compare and contrast essay. Either you can compare and contrast the two philosopher’s theories simultaneously or you could highlight Plato’s thought first and then later discuss John Searle’s theory on rationality.

If you choose the former essay format; after giving a general brief introduction of the topic, you should use separate paragraphs to discuss the similarities and differences. You should talk about the comparisons first, followed by the contrasts on the two philosopher’s thought on rationality.

If you choose the later style of essay, you should take care that you don’t discuss the other topic when you are writing on one. Once you have introduced both topics individually; this will be followed with paragraph(s) that will analyze and evaluate the topics together.

The conclusion of both the formats includes the restatement of the thesis statement and the main ideas and themes discussed in the term paper. In addition, you may present or take sides in your conclusion while putting the final nail in the coffin through supportive evidences and arguments.

Now coming towards the content of the Plato’s and John Searle’s theory of rationality, you will discuss how each views rationality and cause of behavior. You will discuss how and why in each thought people to come to the conclusions they make. This will briefly discuss the debate of free will versus destiny in the context of rational behavior and morality.

In the end of your essay term paper you should give sufficient references and evidences to support your arguments. Put in a bibliography to provide for references, as this puts a professional impression on the reader and examiner. This will also prevent you from getting accused for plagiarism.

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