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Term Paper on British Occupation of Egypt in 1882


A term paper often requires students to dig deep through the pages of history in order to ace a particular course. A term paper on British occupation of Egypt in 1882 is one such situation.  For this, you will have to carry out a thorough research that can be conducted at a nearest library.

You can also take help through internet archives, articles, publications, newspapers and similar sources to gather information for your term paper on British occupation of Egypt in 1882. To begin, you must understand that this term paper is dealing with real life events; accurate placement of dates and important faces is of extreme importance.

To begin your term paper on British occupation of Egypt in 1882 you will be first required to shed light on the events prior to the British invasion on Egypt, specifically against Egyptian Army officer, Colonel Ahmad Urabi. In the next paragraph, you can also add a few points in regard to the “Joint Note” to the Egyptian government, declaring their recognition of the Khedive’s authority.

To add value to your term paper on British occupation of Egypt in 1882, you may now talk about the various reasons that led to the Second Anglo-Egyptian War or the 1882 Anglo-Egyptian War between Urabi Forces, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

You should also talk about various theories that have been accepted or rejected in regard to why the British government sent a fleet of ships to the coast of Alexandria. Ronald Robinson and John Gallagher believed that this invasion was ordered in reply to the Urabi Revolt; A. G. Hopkins on the other hand argued that British Prime Minster, William Ewart Gladstone initiated the invasion in pursuit of domestic political popularity.

It is now time, to describe the very events of the war, starting with the beginning of the war; you can narrate how the British fleet bombarded Alexandria. You can then; talk about the Urabi response was generated to protect the land.

By now, your essay term paper on British occupation of Egypt in 1882 is starting to take shape and is now ready for a brief overview of the British Expeditionary Forces; do not forget to highlight the important faces of the British army of over 40,000, commanded by Garnet Wolseley.

It would be a good idea, to add information on the trial and execution of Colonel Ahmad Urabi in your term paper. Towards the end of your term paper on British occupation of Egypt in 1882, designate at least three paragraphs describing the control of the British all over Egypt until the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1922 and Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936.

To end your term paper on British occupation of Egypt in 1882 illustrate the effect of on the economy during the occupation, as interest rates fell, and bond prices rose and how the future generations of Egypt were affected.

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