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Term Paper on America’s Bioterrorism

Tuesday, Nov. 2nd 2010

Dealing with a sensitive issue such as bioterrorism needs much attention before one can put it in front of others. If you are looking for a set of guidelines to write a term paper on America’s Bioterrorism then look no further.

A controversial topic such as America’s Bioterrorism requires you to gather authentic material, ensuring that your resources are reliable and relevant to your topic. Try to collect information that is up – to – date, enlisting all the current happenings.

You need to start with a volatile term paper introduction, keeping in view that you do not favor just one side. Your introductory paragraph will decide the fate your entire term paper in terms of reader’s attention and acceptance.

To begin your term paper on America’s Bioterrorism state a few lines in order to shed light to the history of Bioterrorism in America, dating back to fall of 1984 titled Rajneeshe Attack. You will have to explain a bit, how bioterrorism is now America’s greatest threat.

You need to elaborate why and how, despite the recent suicide bombings, biological weapons are now believed to cause a nationwide epidemic. It would be appropriate to give a brief over analysis of what biological weapons are to be exact.

You can give some vital information on the production of Biological Weapons in North Korea, Libya, Cuba and Iran. You also add few scandalous figures including the fact that in 1970, WHO estimated that 50 kg of Anthrax released upwind of a city of 500,000 could produce 125,000 cases with 95,000 deaths. Such facts will grip your reader’s attention till the end.

Your essay term paper on America’s Bioterrorism now needs to be filled with affects that this fear has given birth to. You can talk about various psychological effects that it attracts as well as laying stress on how such threats can disrupt the very commerce and trade of the country.

You can state examples that will ensure the reader of your perspective including: anthrax-by-mail cases in 2001 (only 5 deaths from 23 cases) and SARS outbreak (zero U.S. deaths from about 300 cases) demonstrate how psychologically America is unprepared to cope with bioterrorism.

You can also state the sudden rise of fear of biological weapons created from Recombinant DNA Technology that holds the power to practically affect the very 50 states of this nation. You may want to talk about the necessary precautionary measures that US is up taking to deal with such rising horror. Talk about how airports, train stations, bus stands is constantly under a stop and check system to prevent any such spreads across the country.

Towards the end of your term paper on America’s Bioterrorism talk about new even greater horrors than anthrax and SARS in the shape of a neurotoxin that could be injected to generate a ‘supergerm’.

In the last paragraph, be sure to mention a few possible way outs. One can state that the very same technology that is used to design biological weapons can also be directed to overcome them. Even though the possibility of another biological attack on America is high, one can prepare for the next one by developing new vaccines, antibiotics and protective devices.

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