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Term Paper on Abortion Ethics

Monday, May. 17th 2010

A key to human survival is demonstration of such a behavior, by majority of the world’s population, which is likely, natural, moral, and most importantly ethical. Although namely and characteristically, all these aspects of behavior are different, however the present of strong bondage between them is beyond any doubt. These behavioral aspects are so interrelated that disobedience to one leads to contravention of another. In the list of all those insolent behaviors, which are undoubtedly considered in defiance with fundamental standards of living, abortion is notoriously on top. By definition, abortion is the annihilation of an unborn child, while it is still in mother’s womb.

Whether to decriminalize or legalize an unwanted, unnatural, and immoral act of abortion or not: a debatable question, which has reached a controversial level of discussion, and has given rise to evaluation of numerous ethical issues related to abortion. It might be unfortunately possible that in coming years, abortion might get successful in achieving the legal status, just because of growing number of victims of rape or incest around the world. Nevertheless, a graver question, needing more attention than the one stated above is whether abortion can ever be considered ethical or not.

Majority of debates on abortion ethics, which have happened to occur in any part of the world, is focused on assessing whether a fetus is a person or not. A very strong argument, usually given by a group of people labeling abortion as an unethical act, is that even if fetus is not a human being, it doesn’t mean that it should be killed, as it is the fetus, which ultimately turns out to be an individual. Some people are found to be lenient in their opposition to abortion, as they consider it justifiable in early stages of pregnancy, but object to adopting this way of ending one life in later stages.

A serious challenge for considerers of abortion as unethical activity is to negate the modern theories of freeness of human beings. What intensify this challenge, are undetermined limits of this freeness phenomenon. The point of discussion in this regard is that how much self-directed people are, in use of their bodies. Further, whether society has any right over their bodies or not? Extreme liberals are, of course, found to be in acceptance of every female’s basic right of using her body, the way she wants. On the other hand, advocates striving to make abortion part of a set of societal taboos, argue that granting of such a right to individuals, could lead to emergence of other forms of moral and ethical imbalances in the society.

If people become ready to see both sides of the picture, then soon it will be very easier for us to arrive at some kind of a conclusion pertaining to abortion ethics.

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